You want to buy and register a new car despite personal bankruptcy? KVB helps you – discreetly, personally and fast! I want to buy a new car. In the following, a car can be kept despite personal bankruptcy: a different caliber than that for a kitchen equipment or even for a car. What are the options for reducing already incurred debts?

double burden

double burden

M .: Is it possible to override the double load during the construction phase (rent and construction loan)? That is a real obstacle that I have experienced myself. If you need the property during the construction phase, as a construction loan, you can scale the removal from the property. Do you have the necessary capital for cash in hand, not an issue. But with a Libor mortgage amounting to about 0.7%, the deal is bearable. 500’000 francs cost 3500 francs or a little less than 300 francs a year. It’s more like cheap. If a general contractor specifies this, an advance payment can be agreed and then also after the construction process. Remember not always to pay the craftsmen for everything immediately to have an overview of construction defects.

The head of homeowners association, Ansgar Gmür, responded to questions of readers to the home in the Internet chat. Do you have the necessary funds for cash in hand, no obstacle. So wait and tell everyone where to buy. In general, you can find that if you sell the building without profit, no property gains tax real estate profit tax property profit tax. However, this also shifts when, for example, the amount of money restores property rights in the Zurich district.

Building plot or financing?

When building a building, the long-term financing must be ensured. This includes the building plot and the associated fees for the construction of the building, including all notary fees and cadastral costs. Look for the building plot or the roof. With a good private financing basis, it is easier to get capital than on land.

Do not forget: Building a house on the ground is always fraught with uncertainty. Buy a finished holiday home, everything is clean in terms of building land, environment, etc. In the case of a house, of course, the land belongs to the homeowner. If my descendants do not want a new apartment, do you get something for the hallway?

The purchase price then includes compensation for the right of ownership of the property and the entire building as well as compensation for the privilege to the property and any special use rights to similar parts (eg garden part / roof terrace). By analogy with the abolition of co-ownership, the arbitrator could initiate an auction of the state if the co-owners can not agree.

Dr. Thomas V .: If I buy a condominium apartment outside the plan, I have to pay 20% of the total price (without interest) when concluding the contract (ie about 2 years before moving in). Can you secure the amount of money until the completion? What is the risk of loss? Fatalum G .: We have acquired an older holiday home that we have already restored.

B .: How can an architect select for a new construction project, or by what standards can you evaluate different architectures? And that starts with having to have a good relationship with his architect. Because the cooperation takes longer and a lot of capital is involved. The local communities are also very familiar with the local builders, as well as the local HEV sections.

With which insurance protection (legal protection) is this residual risk secured for a home or a floor property? Marcel G .: My wife and I (not married) want to buy a holiday home. Which regulations must be met with co-ownership? What are the fees after buying the house? Prices when buying a house: Pay close attention to what is in the contract! Possible costs: Honorary notary, fees for promissory notes, land register change, fees.

Is there a likelihood of living in spite of debt (no matter how high)? Debt is always an obstacle to the purchase of real estate. The bank request 20% cash – issue of the Finnish – and also the financings – interest rates with 5% transferability – must be secured, ie max. 33% of income for interest rates (Hypo).

The other expenses incurred in a prefabricated building are absolutely to be considered, as they can go into the budget. Often, the pure expenses for the indicated dwelling house and there are now some. You should look around, because you will certainly find someone who has already built such a building. Jungfrau S .: What about the monthly costs when you buy your own home?

Suppose your house has a value of around $ 700,000? In general, one counts for 1% for maintenance. But for larger renovations are not enough. Why is it almost impossible for people like me (5,750th – monthly income) to build their own house? For a long time we would like to have our own home, but that is a matter of impossibility.

We are all responsible for that, because we need more and more living space – within 10 years, each person needs almost one more room – and the large immigration from abroad. Both factors account for 80% of the demand log according to the Federal Ministry of Housing (BWO). Lotusti K .: How is the loss compensation if I pay less than half of the money for the purchase of my apartment?

Would be a real risk. The purchase of an older building is very attractive from a tax point of view. Also, it’s logical that you do not have to fix everything at once, and your expenses may stagnate if you just do not have enough. The one who has to pay the fees should be regulated in the cadastre, otherwise watch out and clarify.

If saving on a wine cellar or floor does not cover the extra cost of having a larger plot of land, then why so few people build a bungalow or single storey? Soils in Switzerland are scarce and land prices in Switzerland tend to be high. The price of a wine cellar therefore never compensates the price list of the expenses for the required estate.

Thus, the best possible use of the property (with basement) is usually among the cheapest.