Difference between a Wrist Watch and a Pocket watch

3 Apr

There are some great example for types of watches on watches.com

But for this article, I would consider Steampunk watches since they have pretty unique wrist watches as well as pocket watches.

So, lets start…….

There are 2 types of Steampunk Watches :

1) Wrist watches

A normal Steampunk watch is hard to define since its not just a watch its a piece of art.

A wrist watch has the following parts:

– A cuff
– A dial or face
– Some artsy pieces like gear and cogs (as i like to call it)
– Specifically for Steampunk it has gears and cogs

One of the most popular steampunk wrist watch is the Devon Steampunk watch

2) Pocket watches

Steampunk pocket watches have gotten pretty popular these days, one of the features of a pocket watch is the chain.
One end of the chain attaches to your coat and the other end to watch that goes into your pocket.

A steampunk pocket watch usually has the following parts:

-A chain
-A dial or face
-Gears and all to enhance the look

One of the most Popular Steampunk pocket watches is the

Source: www.steampunk-accessories.com