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13 Mar

A little over a month ago, I had one of those ‘milestone’ birthdays . . . you know the kind . . . they’re the ones that end in a ‘0’. It didn’t bother me too much this time. Actually, I felt rather good about reaching that age at a time when people are saying, “You’re kidding! You’re that old?” So, although this was certainly a milestone, it wasn’t really a ‘biggie’ for me. For whatever reason, the ‘biggie’ was the BIG FIVE-O. That one hit me more than just a glancing blow. To be honest with you, I’m not entirely sure why that was. I’m wondering if one reason wasn’t that, no matter how you slice it, that probably marked a watershed point in my life. Who knows, but it’s highly likely that, at that time, I had more of life behind me than before me.

I’ve been a believer for over 10 years and I listen to coast to coast from time to time, but never had a direct experience. This is my first sighting, and im so glad a had some close buddies share it with instead of being alone when this happened. I’ve done enough research to know that this was very low profile sighting. But I dont care, i know that every little bit helps. This sighting has turned me from a “believer” to a “knower”. However I really hope you get a corroborating report. I’d love to hear it and share it with my buds.

This strikes me as a picture of our lives as well. We’ve read the first seven letters. We know where we’ve been. But we don’t know yet what will be in letter number eight. So we worry about it. These things are in the future. That’s the tomorrow, and some of the days ahead look very challenging, I think, for us.

P40: space news used to be considered a pseudo-science and the preserve of physicists who may have done useful work in their earlier years but who had gone mystic in their dotage.

Once again my husband and I were in the hot tub looking at stars. We were facing south, some overcast clouds when we noticed what looked like 2 stars that made eyes, with a cloud nose, and cloud mouth. We were laughing that it looked like a face. It was a perfect face. Then all of a sudden the right eye of our face started moving from south west to east. It was perfectly round and not very far away from us. An approaching for landing 747 jet passed under it ( we are in the path for the airport)and we think that’s why it started moving east. It was under the cloud cover as we watched it perfectly move into a cloud and lost it. It was not out in space at all. It was sitiing there in our face that we saw. So wierd. We see this stuff all the time. I have reported several of these sightings.

Janet: Rochleigh, you’ve said that you feel new work coming, and some of this work may be in the form of installations. Women artists often voice this feeling as being pregnant with a body of work. Could you tell us how this feels for you and how you’ll pursue it once you get settled in your new home?

Second, you must believe in yourself. And know what you have to offer is of great value. You must do whatever you need to expand and enhance your skills. That is a lifetime journey.

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